Keyboard layout


QWERTY1h is 9-layered keyboard layout that allows you to have full keyboard under your left hand. I developed it back in 2017 and used it for several years mostly with CAD software (like SolidWorks and AutoCAD).

It works on any ordinary keyboard, but better if it has 6NKRO.

Layout is written in AutoHotKey language for Windows.

Layers description:

QWERTY1h: Design document


QWERTY1h surved its purpose (make keyboard one-handed), but it had much room for improvement:

  • You have to purposefully press Win+F2 to switch from 1-handed mode to normal QWERTY. This little thing can become very annoying
  • Some complex hotkeys like Alt+Ctrl+N are not super easy to press with one hand
  • Required stretches are a bit awkward, several keys are hard to touch type for this reason
  • I later found out that it is way more faster to learn letters when they are mirrored

Still, without knowing better alternatives I was rather happy with this layout back in the days. I typed around with 40..50 wpm speed  on it.


Download and unzip the file.

You can either run QWERTY1h.exe or launch QWERTY1h.ahk script if you have AutoHotKey installed.

Either way you’ll see [Qw1h] icon in the tray when it’s launched.

Visit this guide if you experience some troubles.