Roman Averyanov's Music Shrine

I intensively played guitar since 2005 till 2017.
As of 2021, I don’t play guitar that much. I’m more focused on electronic music. 

Electronic music

My setup

I study electronic music with combinations of two things:

  • Notes layout created on POS-keyboard. This type of keyboard you usually see near cash registers.
  • SunVox sequencer. This is free and lightweight software used for music composing.

Detailed description of how POS+Sunvox works



To be added soon…


Anime music covers

Attack on Titan – Call your name (2015)
Chrono Cross – Depth of the Night (2015)
TES III Morrowind – Main Theme (2014)
Chrono Cross – Quitting the body (2013)

More videos on my Youtube channel:   anime and games covers playlist
Download all my guitar arrangements: tabs download page

Flamenco guitar

Falseta de Taranta (2016)
Rumba Nostalgica (2015)
Solea de R.Avr. (2012)
Concert in flamenco school (2012)

More videos on my Youtube channel: flamenco playlist