My Electronic Music Setup


SunVox is a small modular synthesizer with pattern-based sequencer (tracker). It is a tool used for music composing.

SunVox allows for 3 octaves to be played directly from a keyboard. For my setup to work some small hotkeys reassignments have to be made (see picture).

Official website:

This is how SunVox looks like
Hotkeys reassignments that I use in my setup

POS keyboard

This is programmable keyboard you usually see near cash registers. They are often ortholinear and multi-layered. I got this one for like $15, but new models usually cost around $100. Another alternative would be crafting custom mechanical keyboard with 8×12 keys matrix (this is more traditional way to do it).

It is not a MIDI keyboard. It doesn’t register velocity (press strength). It cannot produce music by it’s own. Music is generated directly by SunVox.

POS keyboard: photo and keys layout

Notes layout

Instead of traditional piano roll I use Wicky-Hayden notes layout.

This is isomorphic keyboard layout. It makes fingering patterns consistent, so only one fingering must be learned, instead of twelve for each base key (as on the piano). With this layout chords are very easy to play and memorize.

Traditionally Wicky-Hayden layout is supposed to be applied to hexagonal keys. I applied it to ortholinear keys and I never heard of anyone doing it before. SunVox 3 available octaves fitted great in 8×8 notes matrix.

Wicky-Hayden layout: hexagonal and ortholinear versions