Roman Averyanov's blog

Hey there. This site contains description of some of my hobby endeavours. 

Human Interface Devices

Custom keyboards and layouts, My workflow, Software, Ergonomics, etc.


Acoustic guitar covers, Electronic music, Custom electronic devices

General info about me:

Born 1992. As of 2022 I live in Moscow (Capital of Russia).

Studies include Master of Science in Astrophysics at MIPT (Russia). Since 2013 I work as mechanical engineer, mathematician and programmer. Engineering is both my hobby and profession.

Aside from engineering, I am interested in:

  • Music (guitar, electromic music, various instruments)
  • Human-computer interaction (keyboards, neurointerfaces, etc.)
  • Sports (Calisthenics, Crossfit)
  • Philosophy, Psychology, Self-development

Viber/Whatsapp/Telegram: +79858254675